Tesla’s Genius Marketing Strategy – Revealing Success

Every business is always looking for ways to find new customers but leaves behind loyal customers and does not invest in advertising campaigns for these customers. But Tesla went against everyone and turned customers into fans, making Tesla the most successful car company in the world.

Respect for honesty

If there’s only one word that summarizes Tesla’s success, it’s truth. They are not afraid to express themselves.

Tesla made a big splash thanks to its patented electric car. The CEO became a famous meme icon globally. They have some of the best engineers in the world working on a solution to the fuel crisis. From a car company that seemed to be “indifferent” to everything, Tesla suddenly became the most ambitious brand on the planet.


If authenticity is a way of connecting with consumers, controversy is the fastest way to double the number of customers. And Musk – CEO of Tesla is the master of this.

The CEO always knows how to attract the public’s attention in everyday life. Musk does not hesitate to openly smoke grass with Joe Rogan (famous American comedian), shoot flamethrowers or come up with the idea of ​​bringing the Tesla model into orbit and then suddenly launch the actual product in surprise. of many people.

There hasn’t been any other auto company that has captured the world’s media since its launch event like Tesla. They caught the attention when they smashed two car windows to demonstrate durability during the Cybertruck launch event and then sold more than 250K cars on the day of the first launch.

While competitors spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on a 30-second commercial to play during a basketball game, Tesla made fans spend time making promotional videos for themselves. Clip “Why do I buy a new Cybertruck” from Tesla fans is the most effective advertising that any car company must wish.

The statistics are clear proof of this:

6.9 million views * 1/5000 conversions = 1,380 Cybertrucks

And this number brings in more than 75 million dollars in revenue for Tesla from just 1 video.

Tesla’s promotional video gets viewers’ attention.

What can we learn from Tesla?

Instead of investing large sums of money to run advertising campaigns, Tesla focuses on building relationships with loyal customers. Because, loyal customers are those who have experienced from their products.

Instead of asking “How many views” from promotional videos, ask yourself “How many fans, loyal to your product?”