Digital Marketing trend is storming 2020

2020 is a changing year for the advertising industry, modern technologies continue to be born, creating many new opportunities for the Digital Marketing industry. Marketers have more options to reach their target audience as well as advertise their products.

Let’s take a look at the outstanding digital marketing trends in 2020


Instead of hiring employees to directly connect and chat with customers, it will cost the business. Using Chatbots saves money because it automatically answers customers at the time of inquiry. This is evidenced by the numbers through many studies:

By 2022, chatbots will save businesses $ 8 billion per year

By 2020, 85% of customer interactions will be managed by chatbots

The top benefits of chatbots are the provision of 24 hours service (64%), instant feedback (55%) and simple question answer (55%).

Use a secure messaging app

Companies are now shifting their focus to integrating secure messaging apps to improve the overall customer experience.

Apple Business Chat and Whatsapp Business API were launched in 2018. This software provides businesses with tools to support customers, help connect with partners around the world.

SEO Content Marketing Rules

Google has released a number of important updates to its search algorithms. Google’s new update of BERT is cleverly designed, helping to understand natural language used in search queries.

So what is BERT? The BERT (Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers) algorithm is a deep learning algorithm that deals with natural language processing. Flexible in each context, BERT helps a machine understand the meaning of words in a sentence.

If your site has poor or inappropriate content, your ranking on Google search results is likely to drop. Therefore, your content should be well researched, clear, and streamlined. In fact, Content Marketing Institute statistics show that Content Marketing increases conversion rates 6 times higher than other tools.

Increase personalization

It’s time for brands to say goodbye to stereotypical ads. If you want to stand out in a brand competition, personalization in marketing (email, content, product …) is a must. It can be said that this is the future of Digital Marketing, which has been proven in several studies:

90% of online advertisers will start using personalization by 2020

80% of companies want to do more business if the brand offers a personalized experience

Personalized, behavior-based emails are 3 times better than emails sent out at once.

Search by voice

When it comes to voice search, Siri and Alexa are currently the most familiar and highly responsive names by consumers. Over time, more and more people are using smartphones powered by voice assistants, according to research:

2020: 50% of searchers use voice search

2020: 30% of all searches will not use the screen

2022: voice shopping will increase to 40 billion dollars

The goal of voice engine optimization is to optimize the content for the top results of a user’s search query. Voice engine optimization is rapidly evolving, so businesses should start developing this tool now if they want to keep up with the digital marketing trend. Use long keywords and complete sentences, set up a conversation, and deliver content in a structured way.

Artificial Intelligence in Marketing

Artificial intelligence is arguably the future of the digital industry. By 2020, many companies will be applying AI to every task in the enterprise. AI refers to robots or machines that can act like humans (Chatbots and Voice Assistants). For example, Microsoft and Uber use the Knightscope K5 robot to “check the parking lot” and prevent crime. This type of robot can read license plates, report activity and collect data to report to their owners.

Electronic commerce social network

Social network is set up not only for the purpose of chatting or sharing information but also a complete marketplace with shopping features. Instagram is the social platform leading this trend. Research shows that 80% of young consumers have impulsive online shopping, 70% of consumers are passionate about discovering Instagram for fashion items.

It can be seen that social e-commerce has great potential. There have been many successful brands adopting Instagram’s shopping features and increasing sales. Besides, the stories on Instagram are also widely known, leading to high rates of interaction with consumers.

Other social media sites like Pinterest also set up a bunch of shopping features, and Snapchat allows some accounts to open online stores without the need for an app. Tik Tok has added a new feature that allows users to insert an online sales page link into their profile. This is a good time for businesses to start making a mark on their brands with features available on social platforms.

Influencer Marketing

The most popular word of mouth marketing focuses on influencers (influencers) like celebrities, influencers on Instagram or YouTube. Influencer Marketing is arguably the more trusted and intimate tool of a company’s advertising.

63% of consumers trust influencer opinion more than brands advertise themselves.

58% of consumers have purchased a product in the past six months based on influencer recommendations.

The AI is influencing this form by properly identifying an influencer with better engagement, less fake followers, and possibly good ROI.