Digital branding – Opportunities and challenges of businesses

Digital branding to the throne is how businesses must race with advertising campaigns to promote their brands and find customers. Understanding the true nature, deepening the application of digital brands, channel relationships is how business owners and marketers master the key to success.

Digital brand is how brands are identified on the internet environment. Users use inerter to find information and make purchase decisions based on the information they receive. Your brand has the role to reach consumers and make them buy.

The role of digital brands

All digitized by Technology – Technology

Thanks to the Internet, it’s all digitalized, data metered on the basis of most authenticity, each click, view, view, and digitized business conversion. The decision of the business owner will now have a basis to invest in marketing in digital transformation.

Spreading the message easily

Thanks to the digital environment, the messages or Promotion campaigns are conveyed in multichannel, multi-experience from offline points of sale, stores, showrooms or website, brand fanpage. Consumers go from these experiences to buying decisions.

Interacting with customers

From monologue to dialogue thanks to Social Media, “digital brand” receives multi-dimensional information, so the brand can adjust flexibly or measure the effectiveness and spread.

The role of a digital brand

Brand Identity – Brand Concept

Brand Concept is the brand personality, appearing first in the mind of customers when thinking about a product or service. In order for customers to remember the brand in a long term, Brand Concept must have consistency on every touch point with customers, there must be a difference to stand out brand personality.


Logo directly affects the perception of the customer’s brand as well as the buying decision or attitude for the product. A good logo shows what the company has done and is valuable for. A strong logo helps businesses achieve their goals such as increasing sales, attracting new customers, reinforcing customer trust or creating sudden awareness.

Slogan/ Tagline

A slogan is a brief sentence describing the characteristics of the brand, conveying the commitment, the core value or the development direction of the product. Slogan is effective in building brand equity. It helps customers quickly know what that brand is, how different it is, and outperformed its competitors at any point.


Creating a compelling and attractive website is a way for businesses to change customers’ minds and behavior about products to achieve brand goals, such as buying, contacting, being a loyal member of the brand.

Website is where brands have the most authority:

Full control over content from creating user experience to measuring performance

Measure the number of visitors to the page (see what content, stay for how long, exit at any point).

Brand Page (Trang thương hiệu)

Brand page can be considered as a landing page created to serve completely the brand of the business. There, the business shows: the story of the brand, the capacity, the outstanding project, … Customers will easily find information thanks to the navigation on the website..


E-profile is a form of company profile, designed in a digital environment. Considered as an electronic profile, businesses can introduce their strengths and services to customers, save time and speed up purchases by 2-3 times.

Brand Video / Corporate Film

Brand Video is a deep, interesting communication that combines words and images. A complete Brand Video can be promoted on many different social media and multi-channel for brand messaging.

Quảng cáo ngoài trời

Out-of-home advertising is a form of advertising, including all means of conveying the message to customers when they are outside their home.

Location: Billboards (Billboard), Street Advertising (Street Furniture), Panel (wall panel), Advertising on traffic vehicles such as taxis, buses, cars, External digital screen advertising Sun like LED, LCD, … OOH by digitizing face recognition, media, or even recognizing license plates, measuring traffic flow, through the position of billboards every day.

 Landing Page

Landing Page is a single website that leads and convinces viewers to achieve a specific conversion goal: optimize conversion rates, engage customer interactions through activities like filling out forms, posting. sign to receive information …