5 smart tools to promote Digital Marketing activities

Let’s take a look at the marketing trends in 2021 that are expected to become trends and get a lot of attention from the public.

Lighticks Beatleap: Application to create beautiful videos on social networks

Visual Content is an important link in social media marketing. With each brand posting a mix of colorful, colorful memes, videos, infographics, and images always keeps their feed fresh and engaging.

But if everyone does, how can you stand out from that crowd and keep your brand visible?

Try some new and innovative apps

Beatleap has just been released this year, so it’s still something new to experience. Application offers a new approach to video creation using audio.

Beatleap lets you create and edit videos by automatically matching songs to your videos in seconds. Add footage, select music then add effects and the app will create a great clip that perfectly syncs with the beat of the music. It’s perfect for a post on TikTok but you can use it for any other social networking platform.

Beatleap uses artificial intelligence to help you speed up the video creation process, while still allowing you to create something professional and awesome.

Music archive of the application now has more than 1000 songs for you to choose from.

VennGage: Brand Design Toolkit

One thing that most brands lack today is visual consistency.

Most brands publish only publications with visual content that rarely think about it. However, you shouldn’t underestimate the power of visual association. For a phenomenal object, we can forget their names but remember their colors and typical images.

That’s why maintaining a consistent visual identity (colors, logos, fonts, etc.) is so important in establishing and increasing brand awareness.

Venngage’s “Brand Kit” helps to save all the branding elements of your business and ensure that content creators and images use the same color scheme, icons, layouts, and elements. Another identity in the brand of the business.

SentiOne: AI-powered Social Listening tool

Social Listening is an important tool used to monitor brand image, track, detect brand discussions and help unsatisfied customers about the brand. However, as this seems to be forgotten, we often focus on the transmission but gradually forget about the recipient of the message. Luckily, eventually more people noticed the issue, resulting in a number of useful tools.

In which, SentiOne is a tool that uses artificial intelligence to bring social listening to a whole new level, SinteOne will help you:

Online context gathering is based on predefined keywords, helping you never miss out on important issues by prioritizing certain messages.

Help customer support teams respond to messages on social media faster using AI-driven assistant

Analyze the data to determine which influencers are suitable for becoming the brand ambassadors of the business.

In other words, it helps collect, organize, and prioritize data, and assist in taking action on that information by leveraging your feedback and outreach strategies.

Finteza: Identify the content and CTAs that perform best

Getting your CTA (call-to-action) right is the key to successfully optimizing your digital marketing strategy, and with Finteza you can test A / B (user-testing methodology) to test the CTA. This will determine which CTA generates the most clicks and conversion rates.

The preeminent feature of this platform is that you don’t need any additional technical help to set it up. It’s very easy to create several marketing campaigns and compare their performance.

Text Optimizer: Create smarter content

Creating new and engaging content is always a challenge for any content creator whether you’re the owner of a small blog or a social media feed on which you’re creating content. there.

We can use a variety of tricks and tools to avoid ideology, among which the Text Optimizer stands out.

This tool uses semantic analysis to create a list of related concepts and questions on any topic you provide.

And in most cases this is a tool to help you broaden your sphere of knowledge. For example, when you want to search for a new topic for a Facebook post, using this tool will get suggestions of related questions and those questions always work well to attract engagement from your audience.